Jeff O'Donnell

Produce Manager

Jeff is the leader of the crack team dedicated to making sure that Supa$hoppa customers never face an empty shelf in the all-important Produce section. Thanks to Jeff's expertise and years of maintaining good working relationships with local producers, Supa$hoppa has helped to increase sales with many food producers in Connecticut. Many of these companies now sell on a national level through Supa$hoppa, either under their own label or as part of the supermarket's Value and Select brands.

While new to the Supa$hoppa chain, Jeff is no stranger to retail. The O'Donnell family have been helping to satisfy American appetites ever since the first Irish immigrants came to the shores of the USA. Jeff's great-grandfather diversified the family's interests to include direct sales back at the turn of the 20th century, and the O'Donnells were the first company to team up with Supa$hoppa in the early days of the supermarket's inception. Although Jeff now works for the supermarket instead of the family business, his parents are proud that he's helping to ensure that "the rest of Supa$hoppa's suppliers are as good as us".

Outside work, Jeff is the lead singer and guitarist of the rock group The Hunter-Gatherers, which he formed in high school. The band is a very popular part of the Connecticut rock scene, and in 2006, played to 20,000 ardent fans at the Hartford Civic Center, their biggest gig to date.


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