Mark Cooper

Mark, an Englishman, emigrated to the USA from his homeland in 2005 to be reunited with his American wife of four years. They divorced in October 2008. Desperately seeking stable employment in order to find a new place to live, Mark reluctantly took a job at Supa$hoppa, despite swearing (and cursing) that he'd never work in retail again.

People may be surprised to learn, after seeing his cheerful and exuberant interactions with customers, that Mark is actually painfully shy, socially inept, and very unsure of himself (particularly with his job, in the latter case). It is suspected that working at Supa$hoppa provides the only form of social life he has. Once people discover that he's a nerd, things make rather more sense.


Author's note: Yes, it's the digital version of myself... at least I didn't make myself the star! :)

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