Price Samurai

No scores to settle.
No ancient deaths to avenge.
Simply a desire to provide great customer service while following an honor code based on timeless Japanese principles.
For some reason, management tolerates this.

Little is known about Price Samurai, other than that he is an American, not Japanese, samurai. Only his parents knew his real name, but they both died some time ago.

Rather than following bushido - The Way of the Warrior, Price Samurai's honor code is kanedo - The Way of the Money. Would-be students of Price Samurai's teachings may seek enlightenment below:


Author's notes: "katana" = a samurai's long, curved sword. "wakizashi" = a small dagger. And Westerners have become samurai in real life: William Adams (English), Jan Joosten van Lodensteijn (Dutch), Eugène Collache (French), and Edward Schnell (Prussian). [Source: Wikipedia]

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