Sue Compton

Customer Service Manager

Sue is the other half of the two-person team Penny Cash poached from Retailworld when she joined Supa$hoppa, the other being Frank Romero.

Sue had been transferred in from the Hartford, CT branch of Retailworld as Home Supplies Team Leader only a couple of months before she followed Penny and Frank to Supa$hoppa. She's still finding her way as Customer Service Manager under Penny's leadership, but as with Frank, Penny is sure she's picked a winner in Sue.

Being the junior member of the three both at Retailworld and Supa$hoppa, Sue has the added complication, on a personal level, of trying to understand the "jargon" which exists between Penny and Frank. The latter two both worked together for a while in Electronics as Penny worked her way up the chain of command, so Sue is sometimes at a total loss when Penny and Frank are speaking to each other. But she's gaining ground fast, and may yet have a thing or two to teach her bosses...


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