Penny Cash

Store Manager

Penny learned the value of a dollar from a very early age. On her tenth birthday, she asked for a "real cash register" - which she promptly used to sell off her dolls and accessories to her friends. She was grounded for a week, but allowed to keep the money.

She was valedictorian in NYU's Class of 1998 when she graduated top of her year from a four-year Retail Management degree. Despite this, she deliberately asked to start on the bottom rung of the ladder at Retailworld to gain real, practical experience. Her ability resulted in her being promoted to Team Leader within two months, Shift Manager four months later, and Assistant Manager by the time she'd been with Retailworld just a year.

Penny's career was nearly derailed after landing a right hook on a co-worker on the sales floor - he'd just asked her who she'd slept with to get the Assistant Manager position. Luckily for her, semi-reclusive owner and founder of Supa$hoppa, Max Value, was making a secret visit to the store to confirm his head-hunters' reports of her abilities, and he hired her on the spot for her gumption. The Retailworld manager who fired her was himself fired for allowing such a talent to slip away...

Firm but fair, with no time for those who would try to suck up to her, Penny is respected and well-loved by her team at Supa$hoppa Bethel, and she can kick it with the best after hours. Little wonder she's at the head of the guest list whenever one of the workforce throws a party!

With most of her day taken up with work, it's perhaps unsurprising (though maybe a little sad) that her best friends and confidantes also happen to be co-workers. Those people closest to Penny are none other than Deputy Manager Frank Romero and Customer Service Manager Sue Compton. Like the true friends they are, though, they're determined to make sure that Penny has a life and friends away from work, too.


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