Frank Romero

Deputy Store Manager

When Penny Cash joined Supa$hoppa, she was asked by Max Value if there was anybody she'd like to bring with her from Retailworld to join the team in Bethel. She immediately chose two people: her best friends Frank Romero and Sue Compton.

The farthest Frank had climbed up Retailworld's ladder was Electronics Team Leader, but Penny knew he was capable of much more. So it was understandable that she signed him up as Deputy Store Manager, in spite of his own reservations. Penny's persuasion paid off, though, because Frank blossomed in the position - and his confidence improved as a result.

While Penny can take a joke from pretty much anyone, only Frank and Sue can "get away with murder" - and they have to take just as much from her...

Frank's experiences with customers over the years have made him a little cynical, though he doesn't usually let it show on the sales floor. As far as he's concerned, it's not a case of "the customer is always right" as "the customer is often out for all they can get!"


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