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Notes on today's comic (13 Aug 2010):

As promised, here's the bonus strip to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the creation of Jenny Everywhere, and the second annual Jenny Everywhere Day... Since she's a fan of toast, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to have Jenny visit the store, in order to stock up on supplies!

The odd thing about my rendering of Jenny is that she is, perhaps, the most dynamic-looking character out of any I've drawn (hopefully, my own characters won't take it out on me!). Still, considering the wealth of renditions of Jenny out there, she's probably one of the least dynamic out of all the Jennys so far created... Ah well :)

Now, I have to admit that although I've included the required paragraph at the bottom of panel 2, it seems a bit ambiguous to me, so I'm going to state explicitly that it's only the property of Jenny Everywhere that's freely available, out of the stuff on this comic. Not that anyone would really want to copy my stuff, but at least now I know it's been said...

Oh, one other small thing: Jeff has the curious distinction of being the first character to wear any kind of adornment on the arms - a watch, in this case... I've just never thought about it before - and I bet I forget to draw it again!

News, Views and Just Plain Schmooze...

Friday 13 August 2010

It's Jenny Everywhere Day, where artists are encouraged to create their own version of Jenny Everywhere, possibly the world's first open-source, public-domain character. I found out about Jenny Everywhere quite by accident, and it fired me up into considerable enthusiasm :) You can find lots of Jennys, both in strips and cameos, here.

Monday 9 August 2010

Who is Jenny Everywhere? Well, according to this Wikipedia article, Jenny Everywhere is a fictional person created as an open-source, public-domain character - her creators couldn't find any characters which were so freely available, so that's why they made her. So, anyone can use her as a character in their work, be it comic strip, movie or whatever, so long as the representation looks like the description the creators gave (and a special paragraph provided showing that Jenny can be used in anyone's work).

Friday 13 August sees the ninth anniversary of the creation of Jenny Everywhere, and the second annual Jenny Everywhere Day - people are encouraged to create works featuring Jenny, and submit them to the Shifter Archive Project in time for the event. So that's what I'm going to be doing!

One rather delightful, specified aspect of her character is that she likes toast... This inspired a nice little idea for the strip (I wasn't planning to simply draw a pic of Jenny by herself), so hopefully, it'll make Friday's strip make some sense! I'm rather excited about the whole thing, really...

In other news, the number of countries has grown slightly, again... This time, it's Algeria added to the list!

Monday 2 August 2010

Not only is the visitor count over six thousand now, but another African nation has visited the site: Botswana! 86 countries in total :)

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Two more countries have joined the list: Croatia and Myanmar [Burma], bringing the total to 85. The latter one was quite a surprise to my friend Jeff, since Internet access is restricted. But then there was only one visit anyway, so I'm inclined to wonder who it was doing the looking...

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